Animekos | Anime ❀ Social ❀ Ayako

Animekos is an anime & art community w/ self promo channels, 350+ Nitro emotes weekly GIVEAWAYS & waifu games!✨

Animekos | Anime ❀ Social ❀ Ayako

Created: April 04, 2017

Members: 69412

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Created in 2017, Animekos is an active and inclusive server centered around anime, art, and chatting! We have multiple chats for members to socialize, vent, post their art, promote their own servers, collect popular currency, and engage with others! Animekos has a multilingual channel for international members, as well as fun channels such question-of-the-day and counting. Join today to gain access to weekly giveaways, art contests, 400+ Nitro emotes, and a friendly community!

Animekos functions as a support server for Ayako bot, a powerful server management, and moderation tool. She allows full customization of your server, including role separators, sticky roles, self-assignable reaction roles, phishing blacklist, strike/punishment system, join verification, and much more! Follow our #ayako-updates channel to receive the newest updates on Ayako’s capabilities and features.
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