ida’s anime cafe ♡

♥ ida's anime cafe is a friendly, welcoming anime/community server full of fun anime emotes and kind people! ♥

ida's anime cafe ♡

Created: December 24, 2016

Members: 244605

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We are a growing community centered around getting users together for group events (movie nights, creative nights), giveaways (nitro, games, server xp), minigames (discord, skribbl, among us, etc.), and tournaments (overwatch, valorant, fortnite, etc.)!

Many of us are fans of anime, but you don’t have to be too.. we are accepting and welcome to anyone and everyone. With plenty of channels and and roles to set yourself up with, you’ll be making friends in no time.

We also have bots, like MEE6 (or UWU6 as we call it) which give you xp to level up. At level 60, you’re able to request a custom role with a personal name and color! Alongside MEE6, we have mudae, owo, and pokecord bots. Our staff always encourages you to recommend us any other bots you think we should add to make our server more fun.

Hope you come and enjoy your stay! ♥