Sad Sorrows│悲

A server you've never seen before! This is Sad Sorrows. Where users get the help they need, through counseling and more!

Sad Sorrows│悲

Created: March 11, 2021

Members: 5809

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Welcome to Sad Sorrows, a server by users for users. We are a counselling/therapy server and provide help from both volunteers and licensed professionals. We have loads of mental-health related server channels and offer tons of resources to get you started on your journey to self-improvement. We have an active therapist team, staff team, and community team. Always ready to help you out! Come join our rapidly growing family! We’ll make sure you feel right at home with a clear set of rules, FAQ channel, questions channel, and more. With a community from all around the world, you’ll be sure to find someone to talk with at any time of day, and night! We are all part of the same puzzle, which is why we value your opinion. With our suggestion channel, you can suggest to add aspects to the server. Not only does this satisfy your needs, it also helps us grow! Want to become the master of your mind? Join us in the adventure!