Travian: Legends ⚔ Strategy MMO

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Travian: Legends ⚔ Strategy MMO

Created: January 10, 2020

Members: 134650

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Join the official Discord community of Travian: Legends, the game that has thrived since 2003 and gathered a loyal following of expert strategists. None of this would have been possible without the help and input of our innovative and invested player community.

Travian: Legends is known for its layered learning curve, team-based gameplay, and cooperation. Our players and community team are quick to offer answers and guidance on our server or in the shape of game guides, tools, and gameplay videos. Visit to learn more.

Enter a true MMO experience where the story is told by a complex web of player actions, warfare and looting, exploration and diplomacy, and days filled with outsmarting your enemies. Find your tribe and leave your mark in history.