This server is a space to talk all things Arelith, coordinate with players and connect with the community.


Created: December 04, 2019

Members: 4871

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This server serves as a central hub for the community built around Arelith. Arelith is a online RPG persistent world housed in Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition based upon 3.X Dungeons & Dragons editions.

Players that join the Discord community can have real-time interactions with fellow players in regards to the server, discuss development, and seek technical assistance where needed. As well, players will be exposed to Discord events catering to development workshops, development streams for in-game content and plenty of led discussions on all things Arelith.

If you have an interest in finding an online roleplaying community that has been a staple in the Neverwinter Nights community for its 20 years existence or just wish to learn about the game, other communities and seek advice on your own character, please feel free to spend some time here and interact. The community will welcome you with open arms.