Art Commissions

Commission any of our thousands of verified artists or join for feedback,events,social,tutorials in this art server

Art Commissions

Created: October 17, 2017

Members: 85213

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We are an art discord server with 60000+ members and 7000+ manually verified artists by admins.
An art community that offers a centralized place for artists to advertise commissions, drawing critique, giveaways, challenges, sponsored contest and much more.

The staff also assign verified seller and verified buyer roles to ensure another safety net for both parties.

What we offer:

– Occassional giveaways such as paid licenses of Clip Studio Paint
– Channels of commission types
– Portfolios from verified artists
– Paid and Free customer requests
– Art channel showcase. Artists sharing their recent work
– Drawing Critique. A dedicated channel where you can ask experienced artists for feedback
– Channels that include beginner and advanced drawing guides
– Art challenge
– A dedicated channel for verified artist eyes only so they can talk more private