Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users onchain


Created: January 23, 2023

Members: 305356

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Base was created with a clear vision: bring the next million builders and billion users onchain. This serves to accelerate a global, decentralized financial system that will increase economic freedom around the world.

Since our testnet launch in February and developer launch in July, we’ve seen the foundation of a vibrant ecosystem take shape, including projects deployed across onchain finance, art, and music. We’ve also seen new use cases that push the limit of what’s possible: restaurants, games, communities, and advocacy. And we’ve had an opportunity to work with some of the leading wallets, bridges, security providers, oracles, and analytics services that enable developers to build resilient dapps.
Together, we’re excited to go live with more than 100 projects and dapps available on Base — head over to to explore what’s live.

We built Base because we believe that onchain has the potential to update our financial system and transform the future of the internet.

In the early 2000s, the internet first transformed the world. For the first time, developers were able to build applications that connected people no matter where they lived, bringing them together to read, write, and share information.

This unlocked incredible new products, including streaming, search, social media, smartphones, and more. Today, we believe we’re on the verge of the next massive transformation: onchain.

Onchain is the next generation of the internet that will increase economic freedom globally by putting ownership back in the hands of everyday people — and it’s growing fast.

Onchain users are growing, with over 230 million unique Ethereum addresses globally and daily transactions on Layer 2 (L2) surpassing Ethereum’s Layer 1 (L1) transactions.

Onchain use-cases are expanding, including Zora for collectibles, Blackbird for restaurant loyalty, Farcaster for social media, Parallel for gaming, and XMTP for messaging.

This is just the beginning —we’re so thankful to be with you on this journey to bring the next billion people onchain.