Official BeamMP Discord server, the BeamNG multiplayer mod! Come and chat, get updates, and meet people to play with!


Created: July 18, 2019

Members: 186777

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This is the official BeamMP Discord server, a multiplayer mod for BeamNG with often 500+ members actively online in the servers.
If you would like to know the status of the mod, the development process, and upcoming features, this is the first place you will get notifications!

Please note this is an English speaking community as we are unable to moderate other languages.

Our community is very large and welcoming. We have voice chats various sizes for you to chat with friends or people you’ve met in the servers. We have a lot of talk topic channels, ranging for game chats, to content creation (screenshot sharing), to car talks, computer talks, photography etc. We actively adapt the channels depending on what the community want, so if you think there’s a large number of members who would benefit from a certain channel, we can probably implement it!

We tend not to do @everyone, so select some roles, such as mod notifications / misc notifs… and pop in from time to time to say hello and catch up.

We also have a forum with lots of Q&As, handy guides, and community made content 🙂