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**BotGhost is one of the best no-coding bot builders available for Discord!** Our program empowers you to create a complete Discord bot within five minutes or less. With our unique command-builder and event-builder, as well as other essential features, it’s tough to go wrong with BotGhost!

**With our event module, you can create your custom welcomer bot in no time!** From button menus, select menus to modals, the event-builder has got you covered.

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**We pride ourselves on providing 24/7 community support to our members.** Our staff team and community members are always available to offer you the best support you could ask for, personally and through the Discord forums. Additionally, we can help you with our fantastic features, such as ChatGPT, Tickets, Welcome Banners, Modmail, Counting, Automoderator, Autoresponder, Event-Builder (e.g., welcomer bot), Advanced Custom Command-Builder, Embed Builder, and much more!

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