Call of Duty: Mobile

The largest Discord community for Call of Duty: Mobile & Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile! Join for LFG, News, Chat, and eve

Call of Duty: Mobile

Created: September 07, 2019

Members: 343299

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The largest Discord Community for Call of Duty: Mobile! Join for LFG, News, Chat, and More!

Our community is the only community officially linked and tied to the Official Reddit supported by ACTIVISION @PlayCODMobile and obtains the full support of the developer team, influencer team, and product team of the game.

This server is created and run to serve as a platform to communicate with other players, obtain the latest official news about the game, and provide feedback to game developers in order to help shape the future of the game!

Our Call of Moderators worked tirelessly to make one’s stay on our server the most rewardable stay on any server. We have custom economy in place that offers you better rewards and odds of winning giveaways in exchange for engaging in the community in a healthy manner and respectful manner.

We’ve managed to build the healthiest, most rewarding engaging Call of Duty: Mobile community on Discord & Reddit with the help of our members, and we’ll continue to work together to maintain a thriving community.