A server where beginners and pros come together to learn, talk and discuss anything related to creating 3D Art.


Created: March 01, 2017

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The main purpose of this Discord is educational and as our banner says: Learning 3D Art together. We are a community of dedicated 3D Artists from all sorts of different walks of life and locations but with a focus on 3D art for game development. We have people working in the industry here as well as complete beginners and anything in between. Never feel bad or intimidated about asking questions, it’s the only way we learn and even the more experienced 3D Artists among us will never be done with it.

Also chances are you found your way to this chat due to some link under one of the ChamferZone tutorials. Originally that server was meant to be a small support channel for any tutorial related questions and while it still serves this function today, it evolved into a proper 3D Artist community where anything 3D can be discussed and talked about.

Please try to make use of the dedicated channels so for example if your question is related to unwrapping then use the unwrapping and so on. Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay! Oh and… you can assign yourself a role in the rules n roles channel.