Christian Inn

Christian Inn is a large apologetics server where we defend Christianity, debate various beliefs and have fellowship.

Christian Inn

Created: April 04, 2020

Members: 1920

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Welcome weary traveler to Christian Inn! Please join us for a pint while we discuss theology, history, and apologetics and answer questions. We are pleased to host an apologetics community that invites people of various religious and philosophical beliefs to freely express themselves on a platform specifically tailored to sharpen iron through debating and conferring profound matters. This is all managed by an experienced staff team that aims to uphold Christlike values to the best of their ability so that God may be honored.

Additionally, we offer recreational and casual channels to really deepen that sense of fellowship between all of the denizens of this fine Inn. Such channels include general chat, memes and media, food and fitness, art corner, and writing, and more!

In Christian Inn, we give sole authority to God, our almighty creator. Living to serve God and tend to one another as brothers and sisters, we maintain hope for good that will come, unmotivated by the avarice to take life into our own hands, as if we existed as gods. This establishment stands firm, unwavering in its foundations, for it is overseen not by man but by God.

Engaged Staff
Nearly 200 Emojis
Custom Bot Commands
In-depth Debate System with voluntary debate ranks
Ask-Channels for Christians, Atheists, and other Religions
Well-established apologetics community
Events such as Bible Study and Live Book Readings

Thank you for stopping by the fabled Christian Inn! Our doors are open to you anytime.