Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is an enchanting RPG Play-to-Earn blockchain game being built on BSC & Polygon.

Chumbi Valley

Created: August 08, 2021

Members: 128017

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Chumbi Valley is a mysterious forest valley, untouched, overgrown, and lush. The valley is brimming with trees that stand tall and strong with roots that grow deep. The sunlight flickers, seeping through the leaves and creates a glistening glow on the forest floor. The surrounding mountains make it almost impossible to be reached. Only a determined few have ever stumbled across the valley in their adventures.

Walking through the forest, you might not notice the creatures that live there, if it weren’t for the unsettling feeling of being watched. As rustling sounds can be heard from the tall grass and movements can be seen at the corner of your eye, you convince yourself that it is just the blowing wind playing tricks with the sound, light and shadow from the trees.

But when you look closely, you begin to realize your mind is not playing tricks on you at all, but there are in fact small peculiar looking bipedal creatures, cleverly camouflaged in their surroundings.