Crypto Royale

Browser-based Battle Royale, where players compete for fame, glory and a little profit. Last man standing wins!

Crypto Royale

Created: March 09, 2021

Members: 70970

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Crypto Royale is a real-time PVP skill-based gaming platform, as well as its surrounding community. It serves as a investment-free entry to the crypto world for both casual and competitive gamers.

Players from afar join together in a friendly environment, differences in age, geographic location and crypto knowledge are side-lined as players share one commonality – the game, and for the most part, an exciting journey in the game’s evolution that they are actively involved in through feedback and suggestions, most of which happens on the game’s Discord server, currently boasting 74,000 members

The game itself is a browser-based Battle Royale, where players compete for fame, glory and a little profit. They can play the game to earn tokens. Tokens can either be traded for other cryptocurrencies or used to purchase in-game items.

Launched in April of 2021 on the NANO network, Crypto Royale quickly became the leading crypto game on that blockchain, with praise amongst the community as differentiating itself from other crypto games by focusing on original gameplay. In May 2021 the project minted and moved to its own token (ROY) on the Harmony ONE blockchain, and then from there went multi-chain with Polygon and Avalanche.

If you’ve been wanting to learn about Crypto but are weary of scams you’ve been hearing, the Crypto Royale Discord server is the place for you. We’re friendly, focused on gaming, and free-to-play so there is zero risk involved. No NFTs needed here!

See you on the battlefield, soldier…