Dynasty Projects

Experience a passionate game world. Enjoy the game play of villains and heroes. Play Heroes: Online World on ROBLOX!

Dynasty Projects

Created: January 09, 2020

Members: 73132

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We strife to expand the gaming world to fit in everyone’s gaming passion! The game Heroes Online World is available for everyone to play on ROBLOX through PC, tablets or mobile! Feel free to communicate with the players and find out new information on game updates or new upcoming characters/skins. New community events are hosted in different superheroes themes. We have unique community giveaways to provide a fun addition to the game experience for any individual! Twitch streamings and TikTok updates are open for everyone in the INFO channels. If you enjoy superheroes and you find yourself wandering away in a fun fighting gameplays or superheroes related movie feel free to join and share the experience with anyone! Everyone is welcome and included. We also grand high protection through our structured unbiased moderation. Help is for everyone available, please be sure to follow the steps we state in support tickets to help you out the best we can. You can also report glitches, bugs or exploiters in the server to help you out of the situation. Support assistance is available from time to time and requested cases will be tracked and notified for solutions, keep in mind our team work as hard as we can to help everyone. The creativity within the community thrives and everyone takes part of it! We might see you around – DYNASTY TEAM