Eclipse | Blox Fruit Trading

Welcome to Eclipse. This server has an active blox fruit trading channel where you can trade your fruits/gamepasses.

Eclipse | Blox Fruit Trading

Created: November 05, 2022

Members: 149541

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Eclipse | Trading

Want to find your offers, gain robux fast and easy?
Well join now, you will find many different offers of what you are looking for!

What we offer

▬ Weekly giveaways with special prizes
▬ Totally SFW and non-toxic
▬ Many self roles
▬ Active Trading Community
▬ Banning scammers daily
▬ And even more to discover about this server

Join now for a chance to win robux

We are one of the only top discord server for Blox Fruits Trading and have over 75k+ members, this server is clean of NSFW and clean moderation (our moderators are trying the best to respond to everyone so please do not rush them). We host many giveaways in this discord server weekly which also includes booster giveaways, also this server can be very customizable to your prefrence where you can pick your own roles such as Giveaway Ping. I think this server would be a very great addition to your side panel on Discord.