EU Open

Welcome to EU Open! We host daily Fortnite scrims, ladders, and tournaments! Good luck and have fun!

EU Open

Created: December 03, 2019

Members: 191192

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Looking for some Fortnite Practice ? Join us! We built a pathway that can give anyone a chance to compete against the top players of the region!

In Our Server, you’ll find :

• Daily Ranked Customs : Solos or Duos!
• Some Practice Sessions before tournaments starts.
• Weekly Ladders giving you a chance to join our Silver Practice Server.

➥ If you make it to our Silver Practice Server. You’ll be fighting experimented player. And will now have a chance to join our Gold Practice Server. And finally, our EU Practice Server with T1 Pros.

Opens ➠ Silver ➠ Gold ➠ Practice Server.

• We also have Elite, there is no way to qualify for that. It’s reserved to professional players.

But that’s not all! We are a Fortnite dedicated community, and we are having fun in chat! So if you like the game, or simply talking / making friends: Join us!