Play-to-own and compete-to-earn game with Evolving #NFT | by Nekki: united a billion web2 players | #web3 is coming soon


Created: May 19, 2023

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Hi there, we’re Nekki — a Cyprus game developer and publisher of high-quality action and strategy games. You’ve probably heard of Shadow Fight, Vector, or 11×11 — all of them are our franchises. With 20 years’ worth of Web2 gaming expertise under our belt, we are now building Fight Me — a Web3 fighting game on Polygon with NFTs, Play-to-Own elements, and a unique approach to gameplay.

You’re the manager of a fight club, aiming to collect fighters, train and upgrade them to rise as the ultimate champs. Each Fighter is an evolving NFT. Use the in-game power-up system to upgrade your fighter, unlock random fighting skills, unique powers, weapons, battle companions, and (yes, you heard it right!) increase in value. The more you play and level up your Fighter, the higher the stakes on the secondary market.

We’ll publish the first cinematic trailer for Fight Me soon, followed by a playable beta this fall or maybe in Q1 2024. Lots of other great stuff is scheduled for 2023: a White Paper, an NFT pre-sale, full NFT evolution mechanics, etc.

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