Finest Gamers Guild

A community that consists of a combination of gamers and investors who believes in the future of Play-to-Earn mechanics

Finest Gamers Guild

Created: March 22, 2022

Members: 3003

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Our goal is to promote a sustainable ecosystem in the play to earn and NFT Gaming field by providing support and opportunities to content creators also to avid players by giving them scholarships especially to those who doesn’t have the means to invest.

Level Up Your Game!

We do help educate our members by creating podcasts, videos and articles on how to become investors and stakeholders in the future of gaming.

FGG is open to anyone who wants to join the revolution. If you’re a traditional gamer or a P2E gamer who wants to learn more about the space, Finest Gamers is a great place to start.

Become Finest!

If you’re someone who’s interested in NFT games and Playing to Earn, but you don’t yet have the means to invest, you can apply for a scholarship. The assets are owned by the Guild, but lent out to scholars so that they can play. In return, the Guild will get a certain portion of the profit. Follow our social media platforms for scholarship slots giveaways.

If you’re a competitive player who wants a competitive fix, you can follow our Facebook and Twitter for schedules of our tournaments.