Golden Sun

The official Golden Sun server! We're the largest Golden Sun community on Discord for fans of this beloved JRPG series ☀

Golden Sun

Created: September 08, 2017

Members: 1927

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Welcome to the Golden Sun Discord!

Established in September 2017, this server is home to the largest Golden Sun community on Discord. It’s the place to be for fans of the Golden Sun series to connect with others, share art and memes, discuss the games, or engage in battles with our custom bot!

Pick your own custom role and become a Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Mercury Adept! Even if you’re new to Golden Sun or a veteran of the series, you’ll meet lots of friendly members who are willing to give you a helping hand—whether it’s tips on your first-ever playthrough, discussing strategies for defeating that one boss, deep-diving into Golden Sun lore, or collaborating on building your very own romhack—there’s always something for everyone.

The Golden Sun server also has an exclusive bot, Iodem, where you can start your own journey through Weyard! Play through a series of story-based dungeons and participate in Colosso battles to earn chests, djinn, and gear, compete and level up on the leaderboard, team up with others to progress through battles, or simply experience Colosso at your own pace.

We hope that you’ll enjoy your time here!