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Kurdistan is 1

Created: October 21, 2018

Members: 67601

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Kurdistan is One is a gaming community in northern Iraq region of Kurdistan that has the highest fanbase in the whole region.
The clan tag Ki1 stands for Kurdistan is One which is a reference to the all four parts of the blessed nation of the Kurds ( Kurdistan ) which has sadly been divided and separated.
We guarantee our audience and Players the most fantastic experience of Gaming Content and Entertainment

The Games We Play

Unlike the other gaming clans and teams Ki1 Gaming Community is on all 3 platforms of: PC Gaming, Consoles and Mobile.
You can also watch your fav. Games on our social media pages and channels of all the favorite games like:

PUBGMOBILE, PlayerUknowsBattleground, Call of Duty Franchise & COD Mobile, Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rainbow Six’s Siege, The Battlefield Series and so on…

Ki1 Hall of Fame

Our Gaming Community Players have proven their abilities on various tournaments and competitions here is few of them

10 PUBGM Europe Scrims Champions

PMCO Fall Split MENA Region Champion

PMCO FALL Split Global Finals…..

Thank You All for all the support you have done we are #1 because our fans are #1
#This Is Ki1