League of Legends

Welcome to League of Legends! A community-ran Discord server for all things LoL, run in collaboration with Riot Games.

League of Legends

Created: February 26, 2018

Members: 357248

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The community-run server for all things League of Legends. From our LFG to current patchnote updates and lore discussions! Whether you are looking to talk with your fellow players, discuss gameplay strategies, or get the latest League news, you’ve come to the right place! We provide all of that and more, from server events to an XP system to gain rewards by participating in the server.

We are an open and friendly community that is welcoming to anyone, from new players to aspiring competitive rookies and beyond! We do events, host a large amount of LFG channels to find your next duo or even a 5-stack, and provide some great emotes for all your League of Legends meme needs. Try us out, and see if this server is right for you!