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New Club Penguin

Created: November 22, 2018

Members: 148751

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The New Club Penguin server is the one stop place to communicate with other members of the community, the staff team and to instantly receive the newest game updates. It is also the place to get direct help from the staff team and other community members if you need support and to report users who break the rules. Mascots are also announced in the server, when they are about to come online during parties.

The community is very active and friendly, always welcoming new members who join and engaging in conversations on a daily basis, even when there isn’t an event on in-game. As well as chatting there are also channels for sharing videos, art and pets, so there is always a chance to discuss and have fun!

Every event, new code, new feature and more is always announced in the server, so if you don’t want to miss anything be sure to join!