|NLG| US Noob Land Gaming

PvP Scum server. The biggest and best Scum game community.

|NLG| US Noob Land Gaming

Created: August 08, 2019

Members: 17258

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Enjoy the following in Noob Land:

Max Loot/Vehicles
250 player slots dedicated server
Server Restarts (4Hr Cycles)
Auto vehicle trade at safe zones
BOT system
BOT Delivery system including a welcome pack
PVP Centered, PVE Gameplay Allowed (PVP/PVE)
Night and Daytime Cycle (Unless otherwised announced)
Watch admins commands on the fly
Bank system earn coins playing and you can use to buy stuff in our store
Strong admin presence who, are here to assist, to answer questions and, to maintain the server.
Admins monitor ‘in-game’ chat to enforce abuse infractions by other players.
Noob Land Discord community to keep players connected and informed.
‘VIP Rewards’ and daily incentives to our donors and supporters.
Auto ban system accounts with bans less than a year.