Privacy should simply be the default of the internet. With Nym, you can use the internet without fear of being watched.


Created: March 24, 2021

Members: 83696

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What’s up, Nymster! ✨

The Nym Discord server is a fun, vibrant community focused on returning privacy by default on the internet. Existing internet protocols leak sensitive data that can be used without users knowledge — Nym is building the infrastructure to prevent this data leakage by protecting every packet’s metadata at the network and application layers.

Our mixnet delivers some of the worlds strongest network layer privacy, shielding IP addresses and traffic patterns for any blockchain, dApp, wallet or application. Here are some key highlights:

✓ Nym protects privacy at the network layer
✓ The Nym mixnet is incentivized and decentralized
✓ Nym can work with any application

Privacy loves company — stop by to see the Privacy Enhanced Applications applications that are being developed now! ‍