Official Iron Order Server

Step into a world where WWI never ended and advanced Mechs shape history. Welcome to Iron Order 1919!

Official Iron Order Server

Created: July 05, 2021

Members: 3364

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Are you an enthusiast of alternate history, intricate warfare, and technological innovation? Our community is a haven for those who relish the blend of WWI’s historical backdrop and futuristic advancements.

On the Iron Order 1919 Discord Server, we unite players who revel in the challenges of strategic warfare and the intricacies of diplomacy. Whether you’re a seasoned commander or just embarking on your journey, our server offers a friendly and engaging environment catering to all skill levels.

Join us today and become a part of a vibrant community that shares a passion for the compelling world of Iron Order 1919. Our server serves as the ultimate hub to connect with allies, share your triumphs, and learn from the best players in the game.