The server for OMORI, a Psychological Horror RPG game. Which world will you choose?


Created: April 11, 2017

Members: 187086

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**OMORI** is the biggest OMORI community on Discord!
It goes without saying that we’re the best place to hang out with fellow OMORI fans and discuss the game at length. Whether you’ve just stumbled across OMORI for the first time, or are an avid fan and long-time theorizer, we’ve got you covered.

**Fans of The Game**
OMORI is an indie hit RPG, with psychological horror undertones. Released for PC just before 2021 and consoles in 2022, OMORI is brand new and has an active fanbase of people with varying levels of obsession. Just finished and can’t wait to rattle for hours on end about the game? **OMORI** is the only place where you can do that while making friends, as opposed to losing em!

**Fans of The Community**
Why is it that RPG fanbases always get the most talented artists, writers and other creative minds hooked? We’ve got no clue, but OMORI is definitely not an exception. Join us to celebrate your creative accomplishments or just come to witness the works of others!

**Fans of The Server**
When you hang out with RPG fans regularly for long enough, crazy stuff’s bound to happen. Hang out, talk about anything and everything, meet new people, play games, make new friends (and enemies), participate in the craziest events, never a dull day in **OMORI**!