The official, developer-run server for Palia, a cozy community sim MMO set in a high fantasy world.


Created: February 12, 2021

Members: 304716

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Welcome to the Palia Community!

We are a cozy, welcoming, and friendly place for those excited about the release of Palia to find each other and chat. You’ll also be able to keep up with game updates, ask questions, or offer suggestions directly to the team!

The dream of Palia is based on a few simple but mighty ideas:

Create a place to belong. Discover deep friendships, and find your community.

Live a lovely fantasy. Where you can happily express your identity in a cozy setting.

Coziness, comfort, and contentment for all. Palia is your place to destress and unwind. ️

Completely immerse yourself in a world you can believe in. Spend time unearthing the secrets of humanity’s past while getting to know a rich culture full of lore.