Official Discord for the hit Roblox game, Piggy! The community welcomes everyone to the server. We hope you have fun!


Created: February 10, 2020

Members: 240647

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Welcome to the Piggy Discord Server!
This is the Discord Community server for one of the biggest games on Roblox, specializing in horror and escaping, uncover mysteries surrounding the beast.

We continue to assure a safe environment for everyone in the Piggy Discord. We’d appreciate if you take a few minutes to read through our #server-rules to maintain a safe, warm, and positive environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out #server-info.
Otherwise, if you need to send a report of someone misbehaving or you have any questions or concerns, open up a ticket through #server-tickets, or contact a Moderator. The Administrative Team consists of:

minitoon – Server Owner (Anyone without the username minitoon is impersonating, do not trust them.)
ushinattamichi – Community Manager
azurefef – Server Administrator
chipperson – Server Administrator