PlanetQuest Game

PlanetQuest is a cinematic multiverse and free-to-play game that offers players the opportunity to own entire planets

PlanetQuest Game

Created: February 03, 2021

Members: 186443

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PlanetQuest is a unique game of exploration, survival and discovery. Players can own beautiful 3D planets rendered in-browser and go on epic adventures with their friends – gathering resources, building bases, fighting off alien creatures and finding rare and powerful artifacts along the way.

PlanetQuest revolutionizes the way traditional games are played, crafting lore from the community’s votes and enabling players to exercise extreme ownership over their in-game assets, ranging from gear to guilds. Our gamified community management platform rewards for being active and contributing to the community through a variety of activities – including event organization, translation and fan art.

Our planets are powered by the Genesis Engine, a proprietary piece of technology developed by our in-house developer team. The Genesis Engine allows us to procedurally generate entire planets, which can be rendered in real time within one’s browser. The orbits of these stunningly beautiful 3D planets can be admired in-browser and in future, even shown off in augmented reality on mobile devices.