Experience Survival, events, Dreamsmp remake as never before, on Poglord's Minecraft server with 19000+ other players


Created: May 25, 2020

Members: 6337

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The Poglords Discord Community was built originally for the community of the Poglords Minecraft Server. It has been almost running for 2 years strong, and consists of a Minecraft Survival Experience for our players to join, play, and interact with each-other, as well as a remake of the popular streamed and uploaded on SMP, the DreamSMP.

The Poglords Discord is used to connect the community together on this beautiful platform, Discord – allowing for direct communication between players & other players, as well as to staff, and the management.

We have a fun custom discord bot for you to play games on directly on the discord, unlockable levels based on activity, multiple voice channels and text channels for different purposes such as communicating with players on Minecraft-server-based topics, off-topic stuff, images, and bot commands.

We are also love to hear what the community thinks, changes, and suggestions anyone might have, so by using our suggest command, you will be able to put a suggestion directly in our suggestions channel, for the rest of the community to react to it based on if they agree, or disagree with the suggestion, and later accepted or denied.