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A RS3 server with a collection of PvM guides for all skill levels.

PvM Encyclopedia

Created: January 14, 2019

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New to PVM? Looking to brush up your skills? The Player-Versus-Monsters Encyclopaedia is the place to be, a collection of game knowledge encompassing the entire journey from beginner to expert. With Runescape’s latest Legacy of Zamorak boss encounter, there’s no time like the present to join the community!

PVME is an open-source, up-to-date collection of all aspects of PVM knowledge. If you’re looking for help on your journey, there’s no better place than the PVM-help channel, filled with experienced players ready to assist.

Looking for boss guides? Look no further the named channel, containing guides from basic to advanced. With the latest boss release, you can expect day 1 guides, a large community effort on discovering mechanics, and all the support you could need for you to take on the Lord of Chaos.