Retro Racing Point

We are a Discord server primarily focusing on multiplayer in old NFS games (HP2 and below) and other old Racing Games.

Retro Racing Point

Created: May 14, 2020

Members: 2468

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We are a Discord server focused on racing, the racing is in our veins!
The most played racing games here are from the NFS (Need for Speed) franchise, the primary base of this server is the old/classic NFS games (NFS: SE, NFS Ⅱ: SE, NFS Ⅲ: HP, NFS Ⅳ: HS, NFS: PU & NFS: HP 2), and they are the most played, and the most frequently hosted as well.
NFS games from the (2003-2005) age (NFS: U, NFS: U 2 & NFS: MW) are also popular here, although not as the old/classic NFS games.
Modern NFS games are not so popular on this server, the only ones played here are NFS: SHIFT & NFS: HP (2010 & Remastered), but you still can find some players if you want to play them online.
The last and the least important, but not disposable, are the non-NFS games, there are Juiced, Road Rash, Street Racing Syndicate, Viper Racing, N.I.C.E. 2, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, World Racing 2, etc.