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RTB Network Official Discord Server

Created: July 02, 2021

Members: 114232

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RTB Official Server.

– It was created in 2018, as it included a clan and a high-level game organization with eSPORTs Teams.

– We had and still do organize games and teams participate in tournaments.

– We have our own name and place and arrangement on the Middle East.

– The server now includes an environment suitable for all ages to chat and voice calls.

– Join our server now. And have fun and meet new people.

– Our Main Famous Logo includes 3 letters and is inspired by the name of the server owner: Rateb Almsoty

– The default logo on the Discord server: RTB


– All official Social Media Account of Rateb Almsoty is :

✧ Instagram : https://instagram.com/ratebalmsoty
✧ Facebook : https://facebook.com/ratebalmsotyy
✧ Youtube Channel : https:/youtube.com/almsoty
✧ Tiktok : https://tiktok.com/@ratebalmsoty


And do not forget to visit the link for all other Rateb Almsoty accounts from here: