Sky Champions – Hypixel

Welcome! Sky Champions is a friendly discord community focusing on implementing new and never seen features.

Sky Champions - Hypixel

Created: February 03, 2022

Members: 1690

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➩ Who are we and what can we offer?

We are a skyblock-related discord server with many different purposes! Our features already include:
• Service system with various carries throughout all of skyblock!
• Frequent **giveaways**!
• **Events** using our custom minecraft server!
• Flipping bots, party finder system, and much more!
• Friendly and welcoming community!

➩ Why join?

Still not sure why choose us among the others?
• You can impact our server through feedback and suggestions. We try to implement most of them!
• Staff applications are currently open! Even if you miss the current round, we are often looking for new ambitious staff members!

I don’t want to waste too much of your time, so see you in our server ,)