Sky: Children of the Light

Welcome to Sky — a social adventure game that hopes to bring people together through compassion, community, and wonder.

Sky: Children of the Light

Created: May 08, 2019

Members: 543523

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Sky: Children of the Light is an award-winning social adventure game created by thatgamecompany, the studio that brought you experiences like Flower and Journey.

When joining, please make sure to read and follow the server rules. Then stop by one of the chat channels like #general-sky-discussion and say hi! You can also find lots of useful information in our #faq and #beta-faq channels.

The official global Sky server is owned and run by TGC, and provides players with a place to connect, provide feedback, get updates from the devs, and much more. Whether you want to learn more about the game, share art and music, or chat with other Sky kids, this is the place!