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Created: September 23, 2020

Members: 85612

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Hello! Welcome to StockDrops! A quick overview about ourselves-

Here, you can:
– Ask questions about any tech related question. We have it all!
– Hang out and game with your friends in our voice channels. Help grow the community!
– Talk about cars, music, politics, really anything as long as its respectful. We have a channel for it all!
– Expect a safe community. Many of the staff here have years of experience and will do nothing but improve your experience.

__Our Story:__

We are a community that was born from the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the massive shortage, our #1 goal was to help everyone get notified about CPU’s and GPU’s. As this subsided, the demand became less and less, there became less of a need for this type of support.

However, that is not where this amazing community will die out. We have over 80,000 members that are all of the same mindset and a staff team that is constantly thinking of new ways to make this discord experience more enjoyable and entertaining.

Many of which are very knowledgeable in anything you could think of, or are you just looking for people to hang out with? Are you bored, but are tired of channels in your discord not having anyone chatting? Just feels dead? Here chats never stop rolling, and ensures you’ll always be able to enter chat and become a part of this giant.

I truly hope you enjoy your time here.