Street Epistemology

Learn how to inspire people to reflect on the reasons and methods that they use to construct their beliefs.

Street Epistemology

Created: September 17, 2016

Members: 6840

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Welcome to the Street Epistemology Discord, your friendly and helpful hub to practice and explore the art of having civil dialogues on challenging topics using Street Epistemology (SE). Our server opens its arms wide to welcome folks from an array of beliefs, making it a vibrant platform to learn how to engage in productive and respectful exchanges with individuals who may have radically different viewpoints. To maintain such a rich diversity and harmonious environment, we count on our members to exercise self-control and abide by our community rules and guidelines.

Street Epistemology is all about nudging people to ponder over the reasons and methods they employ to build their belief systems. We aim to foster an atmosphere that encourages such introspection, with a focus on ending each interaction on a positive note. Building congenial relationships and extending an invitation for future discussions to our chat mates are cornerstones of our approach.

Here’s how we aim to achieve this:
• We believe in collaboration over confrontation, discussions here are more about mutual learning than winning a debate.
• We promote a neutral or friendly tone, assertive or combative tones are discouraged.
• We prefer to probe with questions rather than argue or debate, it’s more about understanding than proving a point.
• We emphasize active listening and reading for better comprehension, it’s not just about hearing, but about understanding.
• We encourage pausing to think and reflect rather than impulsively responding.
• We like to repeat what we heard to ensure mutual understanding.
• If something doesn’t quite make sense, we prefer to ask for clarification rather than point out perceived inconsistencies or mistakes.
• Lastly, we aim to build bridges of understanding and not burn them.

Jump in, join the conversations, and let’s learn together!