TH3RP is a Roblox roleplay server that allows users to have various jobs, play fun games and interact with th3c0nnman


Created: December 12, 2020

Members: 66916

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Do you like Roblox roleplay? Do you enjoy car games? Are you none of the above and just want to have some fun?

If you are interested in meeting new friends, playing with a community and doing lots of questionable shenanigans, TH3RP is open to you!

We are an always-changing service that provides everything from giveaways to roleplay sessions to gamenights to crashing cars. We mainly host moderated servers for Roblox games such as Greenville, Southwest Florida and Emergency Response: Liberty County.

In addition, we host event sessions on various other Roblox games, as well as off-platform games like BeamNG, Minecraft, CS:GO, Among Us, Garctic Phone and as many more as your heart desires.