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Learn How To Make a 6-figure Salary From Copywriting! The Blue Cartel Is a FREE Masterclass For Beginner Copywriters.

The Blue Cartel

Created: December 06, 2022

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Hello, and welcome to The Blue Cartel.

This server is dedicated to teaching people the art of Advertisement Copywriting for FREE. Over time, we will go from the very foundation of ad copy to the most intricate details.

Start to finish, from the definition of “copywriting”, to landing your first client, to learning time management for several clients.

Mr. Blue will not only teach you what he knows, but will also help you develop your unique approach.

We are here to teach you a high income skill, and help you live a balanced life. Working where you want, when you want, and however much you want to.

Welcome to the next chapter.
~Mr. Blue

Please read our server rules and react to the message below to get started in your copywriting journey.

1) Be respectful.
Be respectful – this is a given. I don’t care about your ethnic background, preferences, affinities, social politics, etc. We’re human and that’s the end of it, I shouldn’t have to elaborate further.

2) No pornographic/adult/other NSFW material.
This will result in an instant ban.

3) No Advertisements.
Do not share your discord server, course or services to fellow members without the permission of staff members.

4) No Server Raiding.
Server raiding is against the Discord terms of service. Any attempt to circumvent or bypass them can result in a permanent ban.

5) Follow the Discord Community Guidelines.
Please read

6)Don’t share illegal or pirated content.
Do not share links to illegal or pirated content, such as copyrighted material or stolen software. This is against the Discord terms of service and can result in a ban from the server.

7) Follow the channel-specific guidelines.

For any questions regarding our lessons, Mr. Blue or The Blue Cartel Discord Server, read frequently-asked-questions