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A friendly community with chatters and vc’ers, have fun, participate in events and giveaway & enjoy our ghibli emotes! ✨

Totoro’s Temple | Social • Chill • Fun • Anime

Created: January 06, 2020

Members: 229878

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This server has our mascot around “Totoro”, a figure made by Studio Ghibli which features in the Ghibli films “My Neighbour Totoro” and has an appearance in “Spirited Away”. Both films are directed by Miyazaki, are hand-drawn, and are must-see classic shows, available on Netflix.

In this server, we have many Ghibli-themed and just general emotes that you can use in the server (and everywhere else with nitro). They’re cute, easy to use, and are fun to use! We also have weekly events, some of them having nitro prizes, and raffles.

We also have an economy bot, which you can use to buy items from our in-server shop (such as roles or XP to help you level up faster), you can earn money, work on it, etc. and just generally have a good time on this awesome bot. This bot is custom made for the server, is reliable, and fun to play with, we think you’d enjoy it too!

If you love anything Ghibli, or just want a server to vent in (we have a dedicated rant channel), or want to meet new friends/just chat with others, this place is perfect for you. We won’t judge or bite you! Come say hi, meet us, and have a good time!

So what are you waiting for??! This server is perfect for you. Join now!