upload.systems is the superior ShareX uploader / image hosting with around 600 premium domains and climbing.


Created: April 02, 2020

Members: 89652

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Welcome to our server! upload.systems is a free-to-use web service allowing you to upload you screenshots, videos, gifs and anything in between.*

The upload.systems Discord server is the go-to place to get support from staff directly, or from the community, to help you with any problems you may be facing. We try our best to make sure we have staff available in all time zones to help you with your issue around the clock.

Chat with the people who create and run the service to provide your feedback, and suggest features which we could implement! We always love to hear the opinions of our community.

Keep up to date with our latest features and updates, and the status of the service if in the rare case we are experiencing issues.

We also have quite a few cool emojis which you might like to use :).

* Free users are limits to a number of common image, video and gif formats. Paid users can upload any file type.