Voltaic is an educational community with a focus on Improvement, Aim Training and FPS Talent (Valorant, Apex and more).


Created: February 29, 2016

Members: 89297

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Voltaic is an educational community and elite aiming team with a focus on Improvement, Aim and Esports Talent in (FPS) Games. We strive to foster improvement in our members through various challenges, competitions, ranks/teams, free resources like guides, routines, benchmarks, advice, coaching and mentoring.

We also work alongside the 1HP Team to offer Health & Lifestyle Performance resources, coaching and advice, so that people learn to game in a healthy way and avoid any injuries or bad posture as well as helping them recover from it.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we recruit, promote and highlight talented individuals, content creators and players who emerge directly from our community. We combine our expertise, skills and knowledge to collaborate and create high quality educational resources to help people achieve their goals. What makes Voltaic different is that it is both inclusive and exclusive so that nobody feels left out, in addition to having a community first approach.