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Wombat Gamers

Created: April 21, 2020

Members: 94706

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Hi! You’re about to join a very active and united community of Web3 gamers and NFT collectors!

Our Wombat Fam will be happy to help you discover our Dungeon Master game or other awesome games from our partners. Dungeon Master is a recommended choice, as a huge part of our community is playing it everyday.

Looking to get free crypto & NFTs? No problem! Check out the Womplay category for all-time hits on our rewards platform for gamers. Play games like RAID and World of Tanks on womplay.io & get crypto & NFT rewards!

Our ultimate goal is to nurture a community where everyone feels appreciated and included and has fun! Every month we have gaming tournaments, contests for our mobs, games between community members & our team, NFT & crypto giveaways and other surprises.

Wanna be a part of it? Join our server, say hello and if you like what you see — welcome to the Wombat Fam!