You’re Never Alone

You're Not Alone is a peer mental health support server, used to lift up ourselves and each other.

You're Never Alone

Created: June 07, 2018

Members: 4366

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You’re Not Alone (YNA) is a peer mental health server with a big focus on a good community. We (the staff) wanted to make a place that we’d also enjoy being in, and we have – you’ll see us in general chats, shitposting just the same as any other member.

We’re relatively chill, as far as mental health servers go. You’re charged with making sure you’re comfortable with the topics at hand, and also respecting others – and so are other members in the server. We have a big emphasis on respect, because we want people to enjoy being there with consideration to others. Your enjoyment and experience here is just as important as everyone else’s, we also offer member-run events, bots to interact with, facts and questions of the day, and much more.

When it comes to Support, everyone who offers it – Supporters – are volunteers, with all their different experiences. So long as you follow our Support Guidelines, you’ll likely get the help you need, also be mindful of the fact that every Supporter is human. We have a big emphasis on self-care, and try to avoid burnout whenever possible.

We hope you enjoy your time here, should you choose to join – questions and suggestions are always welcome!