Zenith: The Last City

Zenith is a VR MMORPG featuring a gorgeous, explorable open world, satisfying combat, magic, and more!

Zenith: The Last City

Created: May 25, 2019

Members: 106629

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This server is for anyone who plays or has an interest in playing Zenith: The Last City.
Here, you’ll have frequent updates from the developers, exclusive reveals for new updates, be able to get support from the staff team and community, and more.

Zenith: The Last City is a cyberpunk fantasy VR MMORPG with a fully explorable open world, satisfying combat mechanics, life skills (cooking, harvesting, creature capture, pets, etc), gliding, climbing, and more.

Playtests for alpha/beta versions of new updates and hotfixes are available here, as are forums for feedback and bug reports.